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       Soy bean oil based rejuvenators have been used to rejuvenate asphalt parking lots and roadways for the past fifteen years, making it the number one asphalt rejuvenator in the USA. Greener Shingles has adapted that same rejuvenator to extend the life span of asphalt shingles.

       Greener Shingles is a powerful, scientifically formulated treatment that's derived from soybean oil. This plant-based oil quickly penetrates deep into brittle asphalt roofing shingles. The powerful all-natural formulation quickly restores your roof's flexibility and waterproofing protection, while also reducing the loss of the shingle's protective top granule coating.

       Asphalt roofs usually start showing some signs of aging after five to ten years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granular coating start washing into the gutters as the essential oils dry up losing the ability to hold the granules in place.

What is Greener Shingles?

       Upon manufacturing, asphalt shingles are saturated with petro chemicals. Over the years of being exposed to Albertas harsh climate and intense UV rays, the shingles lose these oils and begin to lose granules, crack, curl and degrade.

       Greener Shingles is a soy bean based oil that is applied to shingles to replace these lost oils before it is to late, resulting in the re-hydration and extended life of your shingles!

       Applying Greener Shingles re-saturates the asphalt which significantly slows down the aging process. Shingles will regain their:

-flexibility, which in turn prevents cracking and curling

-durability, adds to resistance against hail and other severe weather

-granular adhesion, keeps the granules on the shingle and out of the gutters. Granules are the shingles protection against UV rays which cause major degradation of asphalt.

-relax slightly curled shingles to help them lay down flat

-darken the color of the shingles to provide an as new look.


When should you rejuvenate your roof?

For best results asphalt, shingles should start being sprayed 7-8 years after install, and every 5 years after that. Following this schedule can extend the life of your roof by 25+ years.

Can older shingles be sprayed?

Older shingles can be sprayed as long as they are not to far gone. A complete roof inspection done by HPRR will determine if a roof is still in good enough condition to be sprayed.

How far is to far gone?

If the shingles have already lost most of their granules, are experiencing major cracking or are curled up to high, the shingles are to far gone. If you are unsure, HPRR offers free inspections to determine if your shingles are suitable for rejuvenation.

Is there a warranty?

Greener Shingles is backed up by a 5 year warranty on roofs that have adequately passed inspection. Shorter term warranties are offered on roofs that are already closer to the end of their lives.

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