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What is bird exclusion?

Bird exclusion is the use of special products on the exteriors of structures to prevent the nesting and perching of pest birds such as pigeons. Highest Peak uses 2 different methods depending on the objective of the job. Our 2 methods include both pigeon spikes and the more aesthetically pleasing bird wire. Both products can be installed on almost any surface including signs, ledges, walls, eave-troughs, shingles, etc... and have proven results to be very effective in repelling birds.

Why use bird exclusion?

      Pest birds such as pigeons are very unsanitary and can be the cause of many damages to the exteriors of buildings. On top of large build ups of bird droppings and nesting material being very aesthetically unpleasing, it can also be considered a hazardous substance. Birds can cause physical damage to many rooftops by pecking their way through the roof membrane and picking out insulation. This can become a very costly repair if left to long.

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Pigeon spikes

Pigeon spikes are strips of metal spikes installed on a surface generally to prevent the nesting of pest birds.The spike system repels the birds by not allowing them to land on, or crawl through the strips. Birds like to nest in dark covered areas such as underneath gables, and under solar panels which can all be prevented through the use of the spike system. Spikes can be installed on almost any surface.

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IMG_20220110_172417 (3).jpg
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Bird wire

Bird wire is a series of posts, springs and wires used to prevent birds from landing and sitting on specific areas of your structure. Commonly used on areas such as roof ridges, eave-troughs, walls, signs, and ledges, bird wire is a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the spike system while delivering the same results. 

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